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Acoustical Ceiling Tile & Grid

Acoustical Ceiling Tile & Grid: Absorbing Sound, Enhancing Comfort

At Ruler Drywall, we have three decades of experience installing acoustical ceiling tile and grid for commercial spaces requiring noise control. Our acoustical solutions provide highly effective sound absorption using materials and installation techniques developed and perfected over thousands of projects.

We install acoustical tile and grid designed to meet or exceed STC, NRC and Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC) ratings for different construction types. Carefully selected tiles absorb mid-frequency and high-frequency noise for the optimal balance of sound control and openness. Mineral wool, fiberglass and natural materials like bamboo are just a few of the options we provide.

A suspension grid system suspends tiles below ceilings using secure connections and spaced corner angles. We install a heavy-duty, factory-finished grid following all installation requirements for supported weight, seam allowance, perpendicularity and plagioclase. Our
installers have the experience and methodology to provide a perfectly level grid, preventing tile misalignment or instability.

At Ruler Drywall, we believe every acoustical solution is an opportunity to absorb noise, enhance comfort and increase privacy. We install high-performance, attractive acoustical solutions on schedule and budget using premium, long-lasting materials and a meticulous
process perfected through installations over time.

Our acoustical ceiling tile and grid service delivers beautiful, effective sound control through expertise, quality and innovative solutions. Spaces enjoy maximum noise reduction and occupant well-being while project economics are optimized. For acoustics that absorb sound,
reduce costs and promote comfort, trust your next project to our experts.

Exceptional performance, predictable results and economic value—this is what sets our acoustical solutions apart. At Ruler Drywall, we make sound investment decisions by providing the acoustics, aesthetics and affordability that matter most to spaces and stakeholders alike. Whether controlling noise in open office layouts or enhancing privacy between educational spaces, our experience and passion for perfect solutions will make objectives a reality.

When acoustics, budget or schedule become competing priorities, we excel. With us, you can realize the sound control and space usability necessary to thrive. For superior, sustainable sound solutions, contact Ruler Drywall—we’re ready to make your next project easier on the
ears and the economy.