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Metal Stud Framing

Metal Stud Framing: Revolutionizing Partitions and Perimeter Walls

Metal stud framing provides unmatched strength, soundproofing and fire resistance for commercial spaces. At Ruler Drywall, we have three decades of experience installing metal stud walls for maximum performance and minimum cost.

Metal stud framing is the ideal choice for perimeter walls, demising walls, corridor walls and partitions requiring high STC ratings, outstanding fire resistance or heavy fixture installation like shelving, equipment or plumbing. We install metal stud walls tomeet or exceed all building codes for strength, sound and fire safety while optimizing material and labor costs.

Our metal stud framing follows the specifications of manufacturers for gauge, height, spacing and attachment to provide fully enclosed, secure walls with no air or sound leakage. We deliver the highest STC and fire resistance ratings (STC 50-70+, 2 hours) at a lower cost than comparable wood or concrete solutions.

Metal stud framing also allows for easier conduit and pipe installation within cavities, reducing demolition risks and speeds final fit-out. Straight, square and securely installed studs provide a robust structure ready to receive any finishes like drywall, panels or tiles.

At Ruler Drywall, we believe every metal stud wall is an opportunity to revolutionize spaces through performance, cost-effectiveness and accelerated project schedules. Our metal stud framing service delivers unmatched results through quality, expertise and strong yet affordable solutions. For walls that enhance privacy, contain sound, slow fire and lower costs, trust your next project to us at Ruler Drywall.