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Door Frames

Door Frames: Ensuring Elegance for Entryways

Door frames set the first impression of any space, dramatically impacting curb appeal, functionality, security and style. At Ruler Drywall, we understand the significance of precision installation and chose materials for strength, durability and aesthetic versatility.

Our experience in door frame installations span over 25 years across residential, commercial and industrial projects. Our team includes certified technicians with decades of experience installing metal, wood, fiberglass and composite door frames to meet any specification or design preference.

We follow the manufacturers’ guidelines for installation to ensure structural integrity, weather resistance, fire ratings and alignment. Precise measuring, cutting, fitting and fastening provide a seamless transition between frames and adjacent surfaces like floors, walls, ceilings, windows and roofs.

Every door frame leaves our warehouse in pristine, as-new condition and receives the care and hands-on craftsmanship of our installers during placement. Proper shimming, securing and sealing minimize air leaks and water intrusion while maximizing energy efficiency, safety and peace of mind. When complete, frames seamlessly accommodate hardware for a functional, finished look.

At Ruler Drywall, we believe the way frames are installed matters as much as the frames themselves. Our door frame installation service delivers professional, long-lasting results on schedule and budget. For beautiful, robust entryways that stand the test of time, let our experts
design the ideal frame job for you.