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Commercial Framing

Commercial Framing: Structuring Dreams

At Ruler Drywall, we have three decades of experience framing commercial spaces of all sizes and types including office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, restaurants, schools and more. Our framing services encompass wood, metal stud and truss installations to meet any

Wood framing provides attractive, cost-effective structural support for lightweight commercial construction. We frame wood structures to the highest standards for stability, alignment, fire resistance and durability using only durable, kiln-dried wood.

Metal stud framing is ideal for spaces requiring maximum strength, soundproofing and fire safety. We frame metal stud walls to meet loading requirements for heavy fixture installation while providing superior sound and fire resistance. Metal stud framing also allows for easier installation of electrical conduits, plumbing pipes and HVAC systems within wall cavities.

Truss systems provide expansive, open layouts without interior columns. We design and fabricate Wood and steel trusses to support extremely heavy loads over long spans while minimizing materials cost and construction scheduling.

Our commercial framing services follow all building codes and manufacturer recommendations for structural integrity, load-bearing capacity, wind resistance and seismic bracing. Precise measurement, cutting, fastening and installation provide straight walls, right angles and robust, long-lasting structural support.

At Ruler Drywall, we believe every commercial frame is an opportunity to achieve viability, aesthetics and cost-efficiency. Our framing service delivers maximum value through quality, safety, on-schedule installation and strong, secure structures designed to enhance spaces for years to come.